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środa, 11 lipca 2012

Voice of the Researchers

Large differences between the conditions in the field and the aspirations of European and national policies generated a need for an interface organization between the community of European Researchers and the professional organizations.

The "Voice of the Researchers" (VoR) wants to be a resource to different academic stakeholders and to the European Commission to complement and support their activities structuring the researcher’s careers. The VoR should be a bottom-up movement of researchers, collecting and channelling legitimate concerns to improve the life and working conditions of all European researchers. As such, the VoR remains entirely independent of the current stakeholders and needs as many supporters as possible.

The European Commission acts only as a facilitator in this process.

Researchers are invited to have a say on the issues discussed with the 25 and let your VoR colleagues know whether the selected issues are important to a much larger group of researchers across Europe too.

To this end, please go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FT7KNRZ and fill in the questionnaire, which will take no more than 5'.

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