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czwartek, 19 czerwca 2014

Krystalizuje się nieokreślona przez 25 lat sytuacja w Polsce!

Washington Post porównuje Polskę do Białorusi:

... The sweep comes just days after Wprost published information from secretly made recordings of a restarant conversation last July between National Bank of Poland chief Marek Belka and Interior Minister Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz, in which they discussed how the central bank might use its power to help the government win re-election in 2015.
Critics have decried the apparent collusion as a violation of the bank’s independence from political interference. Earlier Wednesday, Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said the government was facing a crisis and urged its leaders to consider in their consciences whether to resign over the scandal.
“It cannot go on this way,” a visibly angry Komorowski said during a visit to the northern city of Sopot. “We must feel responsibility for Poland, for its institutions. We must aim to clarify the most difficult issues and expect a decent behavior, starting with ourselves.”
The opposition has called for the government to step down, but Prime Minister Donald Tusk has defended the two leaders, saying the conversation was in Poland’s interest, and that the secret bugging amounts to an attempted coup....

 Więcej: Polish authorities try to seize magazine’s files

The Economist:... The illegal recording of an obscenity-laced private conversation between Mr Belka and Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz, the interior minister, which was released on June 14th by Wprost, a weekly, has set off a bombshell. It has triggered calls for the resignation of Donald Tusk, the prime minister, and for snap elections, and has left Mr Belka’s reputation in tatters. The recording was apparently made last July at a swish Warsaw restaurant that is popular with politicians. Wprost says it has more recordings. This week security services raided its offices, triggering widespread protests from defenders of media freedom.
The most controversial part of the conversation between Mr Belka and Mr Sienkiewicz is their discussion on how Mr Belka could intervene to prop up the economy and thus avert a slowdown that could benefit the opposition Law and Justice party before next year’s elections. Mr Belka is the boss of an institution that is required by law to be independent...

Więcej: Vistulagate

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